PDXccentric Guidebook

PDXccentric Guidebook

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Welcome to PDXccentric’s website.   This website is meant to support and enhance the book of this title which is available at locally owned businesses around Portland such as Powell’s Books, New Seasons Market, Market of Choice, Next Adventure, Broadway Books and a number of other local businesses in and around Portland and Columbia River Gorge area.  It is also available online through Amazon.  Make sure and shop locally when possible.

This site is not meant to give you the whole story, you have to actually buy the book for that.  You won’t get the text of the book but what will find here are additional newspaper articles, videos, links, etc that enhance your experience with the printed book.  The site is fairly easy to use as it is set up with static pages that are organized in the same order as the book entries so if you are reading through PDXccentric and want to get some of the extra “nuggets”  mentioned in the Curiouser? box to you will know exactly where to look.   We hope you enjoy discovering Portland’s eccentricities as much as we both have.  You can also email PDXccentric at pdxccentric@gmail.com.

Who are we?  PDXccentric is a self published guidebook created by Scott Cook and Aimee Wade.  Scott is a local outdoors author who has made his living out of guidebook writing about such beautiful and amazing locations in Oregon as the Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon.  He has three local guidebooks published Curious Gorge,  Bend Overall and Pokin’ Round the Gorge as well as a couple for New Zealand – NZ Frenzy North Island and NZ Frenzy South Island.  I (Aimee Wade) am new to the book business, I just teamed up with Scott in 2013  to put out Portland’s most unique guidebook to date.  We hope you enjoy what we came up with.

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*Curious Gorge 4th edition is available now! The latest version has 67 new entries and lots of new feature to make it even easier to use!

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    • This comment was left on the home page of this site and not on an individual page related to an entry in the book which would help me understand the context. Which buildings are you referring to? My guess in Lewis and Clark Exposition…?

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