F18 Untraceable (2008)

Untraceable (2010)

Untraceable (2010)

Highlights include:

  • Broadway Bridge
  • Traffic jam on ramp onto I-84 from I-5
  • Accident on N. Mississippi under the I-405 interchange
  • NE 18th and Tillamook
  • Parking lot at the Rose Garden
  • Houseboats at the Portland Rowing Club
  • City Hall
  • NE 18th and Prescott
  • Oaks Park Roller Rink
  • Burnside Skatepark
  • SE 38th and Carlton
  • Sellwood Harbor Apartments SE Spokane St
  • Broadway Bridge
  • Fake Diner in parking lot under the Broadway Bridge
  • NE 24th and Wasco (1:15:01)
  • Hotel at SW King and Yamhill (Park Lane Inn)
  • Broadway Bridge with Albers mural

(see book for exact times)


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