F20 Gone (2012)

Gone (2012)

Gone (2012)

Highlights include:

  • Forest Park
  • The gym is the Yale Union Laundry Building at SE 10th and Morrison (also Bella’s ballet studio in Twilight)
  • Burnside Bridge looking at Big Pink and the Portland sign
  • Amanda’s café job is at Genie’s Cafe, 1101 SE Division
  • Downtown Self-Storage, 13th and Johnson
  • Police station is US Customs House, NW 8th and Everett
  • Locksmith is in back of Yale Union Laundry building
  • C. Wink Hardware, SE 2nd and Stark
  • South Park Blocks at Columbia Street
  • Ladd’s Addition Circle at Harrison Ave.
  • Hotel is the building the Montage shares, 728 SE 3rd 
  • Car chase under Morrison Bridge ramps
  • Crossing the St. Johns Bridge
  • Abductor tells Amanda on phone a true-life Forest Park story

(see book for exact times)


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