FILMS – Portland as FLICK

film reel.

Here at PCXcentral we have watched over 80 filmed-in-Portland movies to try and find ones we consider to be Portland centric meaning that they have loads of recognizable or iconic Portland locations.  We have narrowed the list down to 20.  We are NOT saying these are good movies, most aren’t unless you are a fan of Portland scenes then these are awesome movies.   In our book we rate them for you on pdx-Centric-ness and Watchability. 

We also wanted to include the list of all the other movies that didn’t make the cut for having enough noticeable Portland in them.  Some are great and some are – well, total crap.

Here they are…

1957 Portland Expose

1970 Five Easy Pieces

1973 Stark Raving Mad *released in 1990

1984 Courier of Death

1986 Mala Noche

1986 Short Circuit

1986 Shadowplay

1988 Permanent Record

1989 Breaking In

1990 Come See the Paradise

1990 Love at Large

1992 Dr. Giggles

1992 Frozen Assets

1994 Imaginary Crimes

1994 The Favor

1995 Mr. Holland Opus

1996 Reggie’s Prayer

1997 Bongwater

1998 Zero Effect

2000 Men of Honor

2001 Bandits

2003 Elephant

2004 Graffiti Artist

2004 What the #$*! Do We (k)pow?

2005 Bigger Than the Sky

2005 Film Geek

2005 Thumbsucker

2005 Damaged Goods

2006 Behind the Mask:The Rise of Leslie Vernon

2006 Punk Love

2007 Cathedral Park

2007 Feast of Love

2007 Mr. Brooks *not actually filmed in Portland

2007 Music Within

2007 Paranoid Park

2008 Management

2008 Selfless

2008 Twilight

2008 Wendy and Lucy

2009 Assassins

2009 Drama Queens

2009 The Burning Plain

2009 The Road

2010 Little Blue Pill

2010 Extraordinary Measures

2010 Some Days are Better than Others

2011 Restless

2011 Rid of Me

2012 Blue Like Jazz

2012 Cell count

2012 Shiver

2013 COG

2013 City Baby


















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